Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appleblossom with White Goat

The whole immediacy thing about blogging seems to escape my grasp. This was in the barnyard of the Plumas County place where we keep our dogs when we visit our son who has asthma. I loved seeing it just at the peak of the springtime!
Today I spent a long time looking at the Idaho creek. The number of bachelor mallards was nine! The wood duck couple swam upstream as they do every evening. The willow and the cottonwoods were alive with birds. A lot of iris are blooming, and most of them seem to be pale blue, which disappoints S, a big fan of the expensive new hybrids. Tomorrow, I will try to make the picture match the text.


  1. Hi June! I love gardening and visiting gardens to get ideas. Chanicleer Gardens in one that allows the caretakers to take creative license like creating those ruins gardens and rock seats from the remains of an old onsite fieldstone house. And yes, this was not a formal garden but a woodland garden. I have pics of another Philly garden posted today.
    Love and Hugs, Joann
    P.S. I moved a hydrangia that weighed at least a ton yesterday.

  2. Love the photo...makes me feel so calm and meditative!