Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clay rabbit with wild strawberries

Picasa has these new photomanipulation effects. This is a "pencil sketch" with a vignette and some darkening. For many years I collected terra cotta animal pots and figures which now lurk in my garden. This is one of my favorites, a rabbit, who has more delicate modeling than most. Before I left the California garden this year, I took some more portrait photographs of my anumals. And tonight I did this with it--instead of writing several emails that I promised myself to write. Anyway, I am blogging almost every other day during blog-every-day-November. Excelsior!
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Monday, November 05, 2012

The beauty of the American West

I found a few small green tomatoes that were close to the ground and escaped the frost. Fried them up tonight. This dish is one of my favorites and I missed out on them this summer!
Of course the picture has nothing to do with this. But getting here we saw these beautiful skies and open spaces. Blogging tonight from Eagle, Idaho, where the tomatoes grow!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

My first child's second Easter

I just had 800 family slides scanned by Scancafe. This one is from 1957. We were very excited about dolling her up for church on Easter. I made the outfit--daintily flowered dress and pink coat--and we bought the hat and the little white gloves. My husband was in the Army then and we had very good friends in the LDS church group in Lawton, Oklahoma.
If you have slides, I recommend that you get them scanned. The color fades (some films and storage situations make this worse) and there is some deterioration of the image. I imrpoved this a little, but it is still faded, but a lovely part of The Memory Thread.
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Friday, November 02, 2012

Morning Mist in the Sierras

Day before yesterday I read on Catherine's blog about November being blog every day month. I remembered that I planned to do that last year in November, and how that plan came to naught. So I thought this was the year I would do it, come what may. There is a link to her blog and to the group blog that I will put here later. It so happened that the first day of  November I was visiting my son's family with his five children under the age of eight. My husband was baking them one of his famous apple pies without his customary equipment and kept asking for help. Then I was tending grandchildren while my daughter-in-law cleaned up the school after the Fall Festival, and got rid of the cornstalks. Actually there wasn't time to set up my laptop and blog. So here we are on Day Two. First Blog.
First is the view from my son's porch into the misty Sierra pines. Now I am in a motel in Winnemucca on the way to Eagle, Idaho--where my other son lives, and we have a retirement house across the street. I think we are pretty close to having to stay there, car trips being what they are. With three dachshunds, which stay in a kennel because Sierra son is allergic to them. The trees are turning yellow along the Nevada Highway.
Election Day is almost here; a relief from all the lies on commercials I have seen in the last week while we watched the Sacramento TV stations.