Saturday, February 27, 2010

A sad, sad story

Perhaps it isn't true that blondes always have more fun. Or, if they do, it doesn't turn out well in the end. As I was out and about I saw this tragedy on a parking lot. I assumed it was/had been a plastic toy. Then I picked up the head to move it closer for another shot. And it was gooey, like candy, and waxen, too, like a candle. I had to take the picture one-handed and clean my hand with a wet-wipe. Someone, somewhere, enlighten me. Is there a doll (about the size of Barbie) made of wax and fondant? If so, why ???
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring at Alamitos Creek

This is my favorite nearby place to walk; the trail meanders along the creek in either direction. No mergansers today, but a black phoebe was hawking insects from shoots that grow from a tall stump. Its merry little chirk-sound followed me all along the trail. Spring always reminds me to write haiku. It is time to bring my binoculars on these walks because I saw two small birds I could not identify. I wish a magic fairy would sew me a vest with pockets for binocular, camera, iPhone, notebook, pens and watercolors. Actually, I could do it myself with material I already have. Stay tuned.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hills above vineyard

Hills above vineyard up
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Scanning the ink and watercolor sketches from Tuesday, I learned again about leaving room at the gutter. Tonight I drew faint pencil lines in both books that will remind me to leave an inch margin.
When the granddaughters visited us, they picked all our daffodils with very short stems. I made them quit when there were only a few left. I should have kept my mouth shut. What's left doesn't look good anyway. It was a good daffodil year, anyway, more blossoms than ever before.

Friday, February 19, 2010

On the way WEST: America the Beautiful

This trip picture reminded me tonight that we haven't spoiled every part of the landscape yet. And the Olympic skating pleased me very much, although I wonder how they can get out of all the point counting and rigamarole that seems almost as bad as the old required elements of ancient times.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watching the Olympics

We are watching the Olympics as skiers crash down the icy slopes.
And just yesterday I was here overlooking this artisan vineyard in the California foothills. And dipping my brush into the watercolor greens. The blossoming mustard at the intersection where I turn off for home is knee-high. I feel like hugging the universe!
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Mergansers on Alamitos Creek

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I'm back in town and it is spring in Santa Clara County. I always like to walk along the creek at this time of year. This is the place where we released the pair of wood ducks that dropped down our chimney several years ago. (We were so busy getting them into a dog crate that I never got a photo.) Today a pair of Common Mergansers were lolling about under the golden buds, as the water caught the color from the sky.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Love of Dancing

On the way back we stopped for a visit and another trip to the dance class with the grandgirls. This one loves to move, and never looks happier than when in motion.
We just got back to California and it looks good to me. Why did I ever leave? All my epiphyllums survived some frost. Today I folded up the frost wrap and put away the clothespins for next year. Gardening in three places will really require some adjustment, but I plan to try. It is hard to give anything up, but I can see the wisdom in simplification. I have been reading excellent books on the Kindle and the iPhone and on good old bound paper. So many that I have a hundred thought for the log every day, but just keep checking out the old food in the freezer and unpacking. Partly, I am interested in too many things and haven't developed a serious simplification for this blog. But hey, it's a new year. Send me a Valentine!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Majesty of the Mountain West

We're on the road again: Western Idaho, that corner of Oregon, where the speed limit is 55 and patrolmen lie in wait for the unwary. Then into Nevada and Southwest toward Winnemucca. We're in the Holiday Inn with the nice white bedspreads, the breakfast until 9:30  and the slightly expensive stay. Weather was nice all the way--overcast and there was a mild area of fog--that's all. I was able to send this up from the iPhone right after I took it. Which could become addictive!