Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Susan gives a puppet show

Robert claps, floodlit
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This is a real Memory Thread! Last week, with two of my brothers, John and David, I went to empty out the storage locker of family history items we had saved at the time of my mother's death several years ago. You can't keep paying storage fees forever. . .
As we drove to Provo, my brothers regaled me with storage stories from friends. There was the rat story, the mildew and damp story and the cockroach story. When we got there, none of these stories came true. Thank you Lockbox!
It took two pickup-loads to get the stuff to the temporary sorting zones at their nearby houses. In Salt Lake, we cut it by half and then we loaded it again and went to Kaysville. With the help of nieces, sisters-in-law we sorted, categorized and tossed for nearly the whole week. I have to say that one of the biggest hits was the love letters exchanged between my mother and father the year they were engaged--he was living in Schenectady (working for GE) and she was still in Arizona, working as Assistant Dean of Women at the University. The letters were tied into two brick-sized bundles, Mom's with a narrow pink ribbon and Dad's with a necktie. It looked as if they had been tied that way since 1934. My niece, Marilee, put them into page protectors and binders, and is working on getting them into the correct sequence. Most letters were in postmarked envelopes, but some of the postmarks were illegible and some letters were begun with "Sunday evening" and the like.
To be continued . . .


  1. Is there a thought for a scanning project for at least the highlights of the letters?

  2. june--I enjoyed reading about your list of 15 books and your trip to the locker to sort your mother's stuff . . . and your photography, as always, is remarkable! Truly . . .pjm