Monday, November 09, 2009

Story in lavendars and blues

Here I am at the Monterey Bay in 1983. This has always been one of my favorite photographs of myself. I am wearing a big loose lavendar shirt and a dark blue wraparound skirt which was made out of that heavy, coarsely woven cotton fabric from India that is so comfortable and used to be ubiquitous in those lightweight bedspreads useful to hippies. No polyester, nothing except the comfort of cotton. I was surprised when this photo, taken by C.J., my foster daughter, repeats the lavendars and blues of my outfit. It was taken on Kodachrome; this scan is from a print I sent my mother, which she taped to her wall. My friend Paul had one framed in his apartment when he died of AIDS in 1990. My brother, who died of cancer in 1997, told me he taped his to a window, so he could feel like he stood behind me looking out at the beach, even in hot Texas weather. All of these loved people are now dead, and I no longer know where C.J. is. The me of this photo also no longer exists, except in this memory thread. I still think I would like to decorate a room in these colors.
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  1. What a fabulous picture! I love the ocean--it makes me feel like I can begin to understand Eternity. Of course I can't, really, but I *feel* like I can.

    M Hop

  2. Read today that we should create memory pictures in our minds of places that stir our soul so that when in stressful moments we can pull them up for solace and peace.

    I think this is a memory thread photo that worked for many near and dear to you.

    And I think it will work for me too even though I have never been to this particular spot on the Monteray beach or have ever met you in person.

    Isn't virtual reality wonderful sometimes.