Monday, May 10, 2010

It's duckling time!

Lovely haiku reading and events at the Teahouse in San Jose's Japanese Friendship Garden. Highlights were the many ducklings, of course, and the guided tour of the koi nursery tanks, where they are growing some koi that that hope to restore to the pond after the new filtration system is installed. It was Penny, a genuine Koi Ranger who took us on a tour.
I was trying out a new camera and it made me quite happy with its 12x zoom. This is the full frame, the ducklings can be seen in all their shaprt cuteness and I like the way the little touches of vegetation are in two corners.
We also had a haiku ginko, or garden walk, and a mighty drum session with two drummers from the group Maiko Drum. They were pretty awesome and made that old teahouse rattle!
More pictures of this great day here:

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