Friday, February 04, 2011

His yellow eye

This is the male; you can tell by his red moustache. I left both the similiar posts below to remind myself of the vagaries of computing. After I did the first one, I got a message that I could not blog because Java was not enabled on my browser. So I spent a while trying to "enable" it but couldn't figure out how. So I did it over from Flickr--I would like to do it always from Flickr because it connects to the other photos related to the post, but I don't like the smaller size photo I get that way.
I have had endless fun watching these birds--it is making the wintertime quite a delight!
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  1. Gorgeous bird. I note that for a person who probably has spent your entire life surrounded by books, your blogs are mostly photography.

    Still, I was touring local bloggers, and found my way here! Thank you