Tuesday, September 03, 2013

At Sturgeon Bay, grasses cast shadows

Went with the Petoskey Regional Audubon Society to the wild and beautiful Sturgeon Bay in Wilderness State Park. The first part was on a trail through forest that went up hill and down dale. We didn't really see many birds (spring is better for birding here) but it was a beautiful day and a longer walk that I am used to. I took a different camera and found out the that the autofocus is not as good as what I am used to on the small Lumix. There were also many autumn wildflowers in bloom on the beach.

Like these; aren't they sweet? Don't ask me the name yet, because I was usually so far behind the rest of them, that I didn't get the benefit of the flower-book ladies who were naming them for us.
And here is a view of the Bay.
I had a glorious time and now go to bed early.  Good night!Posted by Picasa

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