Monday, June 02, 2014

The Sky Did Not Answer

Skies in Northern Michigan, where I plan to travel soon. Uncropped combination (for some strange reason, I love these!) of many shots taken from my balcony last year.


The sky said I am watching
to see what you
can make out of nothing
I was looking up and I said
I thought you 
were supposed to be doing that
the sky said Many 
are clinging to that
I am giving you a chance
I was looking up and I said
I am the only chance I have
then the sky did not answer
and here we are
with our names for the days
the vast days that do not listen to us

W.S. Merwin in The Moon Before Morning
Copper Canyon Press, 2014, page 91

Look at the shape the "I" at the beginning of many lines gives the poem. Follow the thought.

                  Talk to the sky tomorrow, or whenever you get the chance. Sleep well.

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