Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where We Live

Here she is again, in closeup, the Blue Witch. 
Here she is a landscape plant seen on the Daily Walks. 
But she,or a close relative grows as a a native in nearby parks and reserves. 
She is a member of the large and important plant family called Solanaceae, 
which includes many cultivated plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, 
tobacco and chili peppers. 


Life has a repetitious feel,
continuing the yearly progression
                                      of one's history
                                in one place
                      change is subtle
                                     sometimes hardly noticed
                 and then a large gasp,
                               someone is gone, forever

                        The migrating flocks return
                the coast range changes color,
                   monarchs come back...
                       restless surface
                                   watching the minutes'
                     Not too much happens       strands
                              of consciousness
                                     strands of dreams
                  precious, rare and mundane
                                                    where we live

                                  --Joanne Kyger

From: Again
Poems 1989-2000
(La Alameda Press, 2001)

I found this poem yesterday on a gift bookmark in a book 
I was putting away. The poem was printed as a gift 
from Poetry Flash
early in this century, perhaps near the time when 
there was all that fuss about Y2K.

It is printed in brown on pale brown cardstock.
I've just looked at the current Poetry Flash on 
the web. It is very handsome and a good resource
for poets in California and far beyond.

I like the way the words in this poem
are placed on the page; I also like
the Californianess of this poem.

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