Saturday, April 02, 2016

With the Earth and the Sky and the Water

In bloom today in our garden at Wallace Drive:
Heritage Rose (introduced 1925) DAINTY BESS!
This is my all-time favorite rose! I bought it in bloom
because I fell in love with the 5-petal shape
and the burgundy-colored stamens.
Look on the top petal for the bonus insect!

The Lover Tells Of The Rose In His Heart

All things uncomely and broken, all things worn out and old,
The cry of a child by the roadway, the creak of a lumbering cart,
The heavy steps of the ploughman, splashing the wintry mould,
Are wronging your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my                                                                                                      heart.

The wrong of unshapely things is a wrong too great to be told;
I hunger to build them anew and sit on a green knoll apart,
With the earth and the sky and the water, re-made, like a casket of                                                                                                       gold
For my dreams of your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart. 

William Butler Yeats                       (1865-1939)

This is how they used to write poems! Imagine getting this on your valentine. Each of these eight long lines could easily be broken in half. Would that be wrong??

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