Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In the purple dusk

In the purple dusk
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For the first time, a whole blog entry refused to stick a couple of nights ago. But tonight, I need to get some momentum again. It is easy to let this slide if I miss even one day, the next one is easier to miss.
This election turned out better than I had hoped, except for some environmental protections for Santa Clara County. I don't know what the Democratic side will be able to do about Iraq, but at least the wholesale destruction of environmental protections will have to slow down. I'm hoping. But the White House's veto power will likely pevent any big changes in the status quo, or any sort of improvements for the lives of ordinary people. I am proud of Nancy Pelosi tonight. The first woman to hold that position.
Tonight my college grandsons are staying over. We plan to start the long trek back on Saturday morning.

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