Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our View of Goatsbeard Farm

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One of the things I like most about living here is the spectacular and ever-moving clouds. Tonight we listened to Gotterdammerung on Vox. It also is spectacular, perhaps almost TOO spectacular, and very long. It is nice to listen to the orchestral textures and the way the themes thread together.
The little dogs enjoyed the fire tonight, turning to toast the other side, when the first one got too warm. We have about a week now to batten down the hatches here and prepare for the trip.
I have been reading some books about Basquiat and looking at reproductions of his art. I think it makes me uncomfortable because of so much clear anger. I'm not comfortable around anger, since my family had a very controlled atmosphere and it seemed like there wasn't any need or room for the expression of anger. Perhaps anger is often the very most appropriate response. I guess it scares me.


  1. And might I add that Anger is one of the 7 sins...a deadly one to boot. there's a typo on your latest blog "pevent".
    I hope you remember me.and wow your blog has certainly grown. I moved mine to the beta version and lost the contact...felt bad I didnt reply to the last comment you left on the one titled 'Sundown'. I finally found your blog again and have bookmarked it. I hope this comment gets through...there's a problem leaving comments from blogger to beta version and vice versa but here goes. Best regards meantime

  2. You left a comment on my newy minted blog to which I reciprocated months later in yours under the title "... Goatsbeard Farm". Years later I am contacting you to seek your permission to incorporate your comments posted on my waterfall series- which read as follows:
    " I hadn't noticed the shapes in waterfals! Good spotting!"- as a quote in my catalogue for my upcoming exhibition.Would also appreciate a last name to June.Thanks

  3. Oh I have your goodname already! therein lies your last name