Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Apple Blossoms

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And spring is still far away. Yesterday I went looking for white blossoms to go with a song. Those were plum; these are apple. In the same spring, I took them in the back yard with my first digital camera, which took the best closeups, better than the more expensive cameras I got later, but low in megapixels. This camera ate batteries, but I loved it anyway.

We are often away now when the fruit comes on. As for fruit preservation, we got a little discouraged and few years back. We had frozen a lot of plums and cut up apples, in just the right amount for the pies S likes to bake. The garage cat knocked the freezer plug out of the socket and the resultant thawed and rotten mess was useless, smelly and hard to dispose of.
But each spring, even an old apple tree, uncared for, the kind that grows by the roadside and produces only wormy nubbins for fruit, gives us these gorgeous blossoms tinged with pink.

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