Monday, December 17, 2007

Fallen Gingko Leaves

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For the rest of the winter we will have to look for the beauty in the bare branches and twigs. I love the History Park. I suppose one reason I like it is that it is never crowded and so I can wander about and think about the America from before I was born. I often think about the lives of my parents and how they both made their way to college from non-college families. There's a very interesting article by Malcolm Gladwell (author of many interesting articles!) about assumptions about IQ tests and levels. It's in the New Yorker, home of many interesting articles. although S thinks they are too long. Sometimes they approach too-lengthiness, but usually, to me, they just tell me stuff I didn't know I wanted to know in swell language.

A large yellow mulberry leaf just fell outside the kitchen window. In the darkness, it caught light as it passed through the light from the kitchen window; then it disappeared. A sort of leaf-meteor. Snug indoors, I am reminded of all that is outdoors. The last of the Mexicola avocadoes are falling from very high up on the tree. The one I picked up today was so deliciously ripe, that the bottom had flattened some upon impact. I can't believe how wintery it feels, when only a few moments ago it felt like Indian Summer.

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