Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The new donkey

Kim w donkey full
Originally uploaded by jhhymas
He's a miniature and I think has a very irritating masculine personality for such a small guy. But my daughter and her boys like him a lot. I think the red of the two tomatoes really makes the shot, which was taken in film times more than ten years ago. An extra copy just turned up in a box cleanout.
The big news is that I have decided to go to Greece on the watercolor trip to the Greek Islands in June if openings are still available, which I think they are. My brother will come, too , and hopefully his wife can be excused from the last week of schoolteaching to come along. It will mean I have to do my exercise swim every day to build up my stamina, and take frequent walks in the next two months. I will also have to pack and plan very carefully, because I won't be able to lug much stuff and willhave to take paints and small paper. I am very excited, because I had given up and now I am back!!


  1. "I had given up but now I am back."-----hmmmm what does that mean? Hope you are feeling ok June.

  2. Not to worry! I just feel sort of interested to have something really special to work on. I am by nature inert and usually quite content just to play with art materials or read or write, but I do get lazy after awhile with nothing scheduled. J.