Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two chairs

Two chairs
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Something else they are not making any more: these fine old chairs. My mother remembered when her mother was able to get rid of this stuff and buy a nice Formica dinette set. Now that dinette set is making a comeback in some circles. I don't think I'll fall for that, though . . .
Chairs, I think, have personalities. A friend of mine gave me some old ones, painted yellow. I gave them to someone who wanted them, she got divorced and they lost another home. I had thought I'd haul one around and photograph it in different locations, the way one man does with a teddy bear and another with his dog. They are all over Europe, but I thought to limit myself to an hour's drive. I'm looking now for a fresh chair, one with personality and small enough to haul around and not-at-all expensive. We shall see.
Coming home last week, I saw a tree in a courtyard with one of those blue glass bottles that the water used to come in (from, was it Australia?) on the end of every limb. It was quite a good-sized tree, there must have been at least 60 bottles. So some people have even more ridiculous ideas than I do.
Today at dlc's studio, a cluster of pink-white and yellow species tulips was in full and glorious bloom. Tulips have done poorly for me here (they say they don't get enough winter chill) and I would love to have some of these, which are doing well in my friend's garden. Perhaps I can find bulbs on the internet?? And I found them at John Scheeper's web site, but cannot order them now, they will eb for fall planting.

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