Saturday, December 06, 2008

Miss Bianca's most elegant white whiskers

For many years we all lived happily together. S called them in in the evening and fed them, and they slept in the garage. Another untouchable feral kit, half Siamese by the look of her, came to their cat buffet and joined the family. I began to call this one Friskers, I don't know why, except it's some sort of amalgam of frisky and whiskers. Don't you think it is sort of a unisex name? We had to trap her, too, for the spaying.
One night, S. went out to the garage and four kits were feeding from one large shallow dish. He looked more carefully and one was a skunk! S. tiptoed back into the house, and I peeked out to verify. The shape and the white stripe were unmistakable! We were advised that leaving a light on in the garage all night would discourage the skunk. We never smelled him and never saw him again.
We hired neighbor kids to feed the cats when we were away. And one time when we came back Buster had disappeared. There was a nasty rumor that the dog on a rope at the corner house had killed him and other unwary felines. There will be two or three more installments of this gripping saga before we are through. And I have found some great new poems, too. But it is an odd time of year to be blogging; everyone is so busy and both reading and writing of blogs may suffer. Good night.


  1. I'm one a little two week trip to Florida but I'm still taking time to peek at your cat stories. I love a good cat story. The skunk! Oh, my! LOL!

  2. June, where ever you are, have a Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope to get an update from you in the new year. Joann and Jack in VA.