Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fading spots

Fading spots
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Excellent morning light with five deer browsing just below the house. I ad to take the picture through the windows; at least on the big windows there are no dreadful stuck screens like on the upstairs windows, looking out into bird heaven. There was a fawn more spotted than this one, and three other small deer. No bucks, or spikes like last year.
Later this morning I watched a nuthatch painstakingly work a thread of wood out of the worn deck railing. Everybody was here today, except the cardinal. Someone is spilling the tiny black nijer thistle seeds out of the tube feeder--I cannot guess how. But I didn't refill today--we will let it rest for awhile. But my reward is that I only saw two immature goldfinch all day. Lots of jays, both kinds of nuthatches, the newly reliable tufted titmouse, and of course, the uncountable ever-in-motion chickadee squad. I guess the best part--I was out on the upstairs deck--was when the hairy woodpecker did a U-turn in midair when he spotted me as he was coming in for a landing. There was quite a fluttering, but I think the doves and the jay have generally a noisier flight. And tomorrow's a holiday. which to a retired person isn't much of a difference, except that there will be no water exercise class.

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