Wednesday, April 21, 2010

His Golden Slippers

Originally uploaded by jhhymas
Here's a snowy egret from the Palo Alto Baylands yesterday. I had the most divine time! Things have changed a lot since I went on so many birdwalks here 20 years ago. It is still wild, weedy and beautiful, with the changing water levels, amazing birds, weeds and clouds.
I have another place I often go to now, closer to my home. I wrote a poem about it and my poem was recently chosen as one of 30 poems on Santa Clara County (for the thirty days in National Poetry Month) to be posted--one each day--during April. My poem went up a couple of days ago and you can see it here.

I also made a panorama by blending 12 vertical shots. Here it is. Wish you could have come. Tomorrow, the garden I also visited Tuesday.