Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lavender Scent in Summer Air

My brother and I spent the late afternoon with our excellent second cousin, Randy, discussing our relatives and the upcoming Redd reunion in New Harmony, Utah. It was a lovely, wide-ranging conversation over families, Mormon history, art and other topics. We looked at many of his scanned photos of our ancestors and collateral relatives. On the way home, my brother thought to visit a Salt Lake City park on the site of the First Encampment the emigrants under Brigham Young made after they entered Salt Lake Valley. Our great-great-grandfather was a member of this group. We found that the names of these people were carved on stones through the First Encampment Park (link). Lavender was blooming near the plaque which explained this, and filled the air with heavy scent when we pushed it aside. It was a beautiful summer evening which had just turned dark. My brother decided to look for the name of  Solomon Chamberlain; (link) I didn't see how we could find it in the dark, but we had only located a handful of engraved rocks before we found his. So here it is, a flash picture of a rock. I was very happy to see it.
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