Thursday, November 07, 2013


This is one of the first things I made with a now defunct program from Great Britain called BUZZ Simplify. Someone recently told me that there is a Topaz Simplify Filter with similar capabilities, but my appetite for software has diminished, due to how it goes out of date and represents wasted money. This image was based on a group of quaking aspens in the backyard of the Michigan place. They often remind me of a group of similar trees along the Epte River that Monet used to paint; when the owner was going to cut and sell them, I seem to remember, Monet paid him to leave them there, until he was through with painting them. Yep, and I just found a link. (Above.)

Anyway  BUZZ will no longer work with more modern operating systems, and so I am left with this and a few others. This is my favorite; I was surprised when I found I had never put it on my blog. The shape also reminds me of kimono--wouldn't you like to have one just like this?? And the late summer skies in Northern Michigan are just this blue.

This kind of getting the essence of something reminds me of haiku. Simplicity, essence, beauty.

raking leaves
our new neighbor
also has a tremor

the swings in the neighborhood park

These are from our second walk in the New Daily Walk Project. Yesterday.
Today we had no time to take the third one but we did:

1) get hearing aid repaired
2) have excellent consultation on Sleep Apnea with quality referrals
3) purchase spindle-back chair for seated exercise
4)eat quesadilla, burrito and fantastic avocado-chunk guacamole (Baja Fresh)

And so to bed, after a short snack of Coleridge. . .Hope you had a productive day.

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