Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Puppet Show,with Shadows

My sister Susan makes a puppet show. 
That's my brother, Robert, 
with the light on his face 
and my brother, Richard, at the far right. 
This is one of those Brownie Reflex photos, 
perhaps taken by John, the oldest of the boys. 
I love the shadows; I love the doll-made-puppet. 
I love my family's whole messy child-filled life!
Perhaps this was taken after we moved to The Farm in 1950.
Or were we still in Scotia?

Here is a poem from a recent New Yorker:


Everyone can't
be a lamplighter.

Someone must
be the lamp,

and someone 
must in bereaved 

rooms sit
unfathoming what

it is to be lit.

Andrea Cohen

The New Yorker,
February 16, 2015, page 69.

Write a short poem on some formulation you have made up to sound like a proverb.

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