Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Across the street and down the block

Yesterday we took this Daily Walk, but today S has a cold.

february 10

Cloudy, cool and very still.

Sometimes, at night, my old dog Hattie
will lift her head to bark at nothing,
as if that nothing were silently
crossing the yard in the darkness
and then she'll listen hard and bark again
and it steals away. This morning 
I woke at three o'clock, and nothing
was standing there, silently watching me,
holding its breath at the foot of the bed.
I must have made some little noise
because my wife turned toward me and asked
'What's wrong?" "Nothing," I answered,
and suddenly nothing was gone
and from below us Hattie barked and barked.

Ted Kooser

Winter Morning Walks; one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison
Carnegie Mellon Press, 2000, page 90.

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