Saturday, March 21, 2015

Let's talk about the old days

This is my father, Jack Hicks Hopper (born 1906) and his baby sister,
Marjory Lynn Hopper (born 1910.) Dad blinked a little during the exposure.
I love what I can see of his side-buttoned striped shirt.
I love her open fresh look. She died young, at age 40,
of breast cancer. Since she lived in Arizona and we lived in upstate New York, 
I never knew her well; my father kept her grown-up portrait on his dresser always.
She wore her hair atop her head in a braided crown.
Family photographs like these are inestimable treasures.

Lime blossoms!
let's talk about the old days
making dinner in the kitchen.

translated by Robert Hass

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