Monday, January 01, 2007

On Crooked River

On Crooked River
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This year one of the boathouses in Alanson collapsed. This stretch of the Inland Waterway can take you by water from here to Lake Huron. In the newly remodeled building on River Street, a local group has begun a museum on the waterway. They already have much interesting stuff to exhibit.
Along the river here the water always looks very green; I am not sure why. It is quite picturesque; local watercolor groups meet here to paint in plein air.
Well, the Saddam execution went poorly and the phone video is already in circulation. I didn't see how they could prevent pictures when there are so many little cameras everywhere. And indeed they did not. It's a black eye for everyone involved.
On a brighter note, the San Francisco people who made a compact (like the Mayflower compact) not to buy anything new this year except food and medicines were happy about the success of the experiment and many plan to continue it. It's a great idea!

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