Sunday, January 28, 2007

Painting Bamboo

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A beautiful demonstration of bamboo leaves and reworking the composition by the teacher on a student work this last Saturday morning.

Early this Sunday morning the dachshunds caught a feral cat and killed it. We had been feeding that cat for many years; it had always avoided the fenced back yard that we let the dogs into about four times a day. The cat has always been in the front yard before. It was pretty terrible and S got scratched and bitten by the cat as he tried, unsucessfully, to rescue it. Later, Animal Control came to get the cat for rabies testing. Rabies is almost unknown here, but bats still test positive for it, so the testing must be done. Everyone we met today was very professional and helpful, from the Sunday doctor and nurses at Kaiser, to the animal control officer. It makes me thankful to live in an orderly society.

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