Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sycamore Group

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More from the Water District pond. My walk there made me very happy. I wish my burrowing owl still lived here. But times are tough for burrowing owls in Santa Clara County. Too many bulldozed and paved-over places. Not enough just plain ol' funky dirt with second-hand animal burrows in it. I have read about projects that tried to relocate displaced owls to PVC pipe homes in other neighborhoods.. If I were an owl, I don't think I'd like the architecture.
It's Valentine's Day, so today in printmaking class we had a demonstration of viscosity printing--a way to print with two colors of different oilinesses, one of which resists the brayered-over other. The Valentine was in red and yellow, said BE MINE on a heart, and had a lacy trim. A good time was had by all . . .


  1. am especially fond of trees and those in groups have much appeal. my instant reaction here was "seeing" trees talking together, hovering closer to share some secret, or perhaps, to also be saddened by the loss of the owl............

  2. It is nice to have your reaction! I love these trees and plan to return to photograph them at other seasons, since they are near to my house. Here in California, sycamores such as these grow by steams and often mark the course of a now-relocated creek. This makes me think about the past and its losses.