Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Water District Ponds

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I went for a quick photo walk here the other day, I didn't even have my binoculars, but I used to go here all the time when I was learning to bird. There was a burrowing owl that used to come out of a burrow in a bank during the late afternoon and look at us with his yellow eyes. Standing there on his upright little legs. It was so reliable, I thought there would always be an owl there. Later, when they did all the "improvements" and built the new headquarters building--even before that, actually, the owl was gone. Now the bank is not even there.
It was a beautiful sunny day, with that clear air that comes after rain. I have to say I was somewhat reconciled by the beautiful sameness of the pond, with its coots, varities of ducks, cormorants, gulls and geese. The walk has many new varieties of California native plants with informational signs. I'll be back with my tripod and my 500mm mirror lens.

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