Saturday, February 10, 2007

White stucco

White stucco
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These red geraniums always remind me of my husband's mother who grew them in a planter box in front of her small house. Because she lived in Idaho, the blossoms were so much larger than the ones we saw in California. I wondered if the buds had longer to develop before blooming beacause of the weather. But this is something I forgot to investigate long ago. In this Bay Area climate, geraniums bloom almost all winter long. But they will freeze.

Today we had an excellent haiku meeting at the Markham House. We passed Masajo's Love Haiku book around and read from her haiku, discussing the season words as we went along. It was interesting to see other peoples' interpretations of some of the haiku. Several haiku support more thatn one explanation of the meaning. Then we wrote for a while and read around in a circle.
I brought tangerines from our tree. And the rain fell, first slowly and then with more force as we went to the parking lot.

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