Monday, May 28, 2007

Late spring woods

Late spring woods 2007 013
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This is the way the wild cherry looked last week. We finally got here and fell into a computer crash black hole. Not worth repairing. I got this new Walmart HP up and running today. Easily. I am amazed.

The dark bird I have been catching out of the corner of my eye at the suet feeder is that big and greedy fellow, a grackle! So with the blue jay and all we may have to stop serving suet. But we have grown so fond of Mr. and Missus Downy Woodpecker and the pair of hairy woodpeckers that I can't make up my mind to do it.
We are also serving black sunflower seeds. So far we also have goldfinches and chickadees and an occasional wnite breated nuthatch.

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