Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why people love cherry blossoms

Why people love cherry blossoms
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I see now that it has been six full weeks since I've entered anything here. I am not very inspired tonight, either. Once you let something like this slip, it is easier to let the days cumulate, one by one. BUt an old friend just discovered this blog and so now I have to begin again. I've been back from a two-week trip to Japan (sherry blossom time!) for a couple of weeks and can no longer use the jet-lag excuse with a straight face.
Last night I met with my writing group. It is always interesting to see what the others are thinking about, working on, questioning, studying and so forth, I will miss them during the five months I'll be spending in Michigan; we plan to leave Sunday morning.
Some of you may remember the earlier tales of remodeling, which still continues, but this plase is almost finished and the results are very nice. Good night, I'll try to do better. More about Japan later.

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