Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Green jade, Asilomar

Green jade
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Today I have seen the work of several web people (are web people real?) who are committed to taking some sort of self-portrait every day for a year. The portrait might have just a finger, a foot, and eye or a shadow. It might be blurry, or veiled or obscured, as well as partial. Many of the web people had already made at least 280 portraits.

This is just exhausting to think about, but it might be a good way to deal with self-loathing and to get some variety into one's camera angles. On the other hand, it would perhaps be more difficult to take a picture of a different person every day for a year.

As you can see, I often prefer photographs without people in them at all. But I am in this shot, loving the clarity of the wave and the easy curl of the foam, you just cannot see me . . .

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