Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Martha Stewart iris finally bloomed!

Several years ago, I was caught by a display of iris roots to plant. I had never seen an apricot-colored one before. I got this and planted it, even though we don't iive here year round. Everyone says deer eat everything you plant, anyway. The next year after it came up, my grandson mowed it, along with some grass, when he was helping out. Looking at the stubble, I thought that might be curtains. For several years, what were clearly the leaves of iris plants sprouted and grew, but no flowers. Grass (clearly visible in this photo) choked the planting. I forgot about the photo on the package. Last year we got here late, missing the spring bloom.

And then! Three gorgeous spikes of apricot-color blossoms! I am reminded to keep on starting things, or finishing parts of things, and to keep on slogging, keep writing haiku, keep taking pictures, keep on . . .

Tonight, looking at my brother's web page, I see that a nephew and a niece also have blogs. Very interrrresting . . . as the detective used to say on the radio. Good night.

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