Friday, August 17, 2007

Squiggle in a Square

Squiggle in a Square
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Got in some foreworks tonight ay the Festival of the bay. First we watched the sun go down over the water from Sunset Park in Petoskey. I tried to catch a gull in my photso of the sunset. The weather had just changed to chilly, and there was a stiff breeze. We are still in desperate need of rain, The ears of corn aren't plumping in the fields. It will be a poor crop.

Here is a night poem by Tu Fu:

Night Thoughts While Traveling

A light breeze rustles the reeds
Along the river banks. The
Mast of my lonely boat soars
Into the night. Stars blossom
Over the vast desert of
Waters. Moonlight flows on the
surging river. My poems have
Made me famous, but I grow
Old, ill and tired, blown hither
And yon; I am like a gull
Lost between heaven and earth.

Tu Fu, trans. by Kenneth Rexroth

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