Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vision and memory

Here's lookin' atcha
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Tonight we went to the lighted boat parade at the First Annual Alanson Riverfest. Got little videos for YouTube, but with the darkness and the motion of the boats, no good stills.

This is a poem I wrote after one by Tu Fu:


after Tu Fu
shore grasses

strong, brittle mast
a single boat going downstream

stars close enough to pluck
open, unpeopled plains

the mirrored moon leaps from one ripple to another
it won't be caught in the great river's flow

my name
will it remain written on the scroll

when the work I have done
must be given over?

floating, floating reflections
what is real, what is illusion?

one sand gull
floats between heaven and sky

June Hopper Hymas

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