Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunset Park in Petoskey

Why they call it Sunset Park
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It is getting drier and drier here and the leaves on the maples are wilting and turning. Very Strange. It really feels like summer is over. Now we are getting close to autumn, the melancholy haiku season. Not to mention those frosty winter haiku! So this palmy late summer sunset on a chilly evening (with such strong winds they had to stop setting off the promised fireworks after only fifteen minutes) is the last of the summer days. The grandsons are off to college, but it has been a swell summer and we have been able to see them a lot.

violet clouds
far out over the bay
summer is ending


  1. I have been enjoying your blog this summer. You definately have an eye for photography combined with a great way with words. Wish I could post like you. My blog pales in comparison but if you would like to take a look, go to

    Virginia is also very brown and dry. I dread the day the hummingbirds fly away and do not look forward to the long dark evenings of late fall and winter but I will appreciate having temps in the 70's instead of 90's. Here we can tell fall is approaching by the sound of the crickets and locusts in the yard.
    Joann in Haymrket, VA

  2. I NEVER get comments; I had stopped even looking. This is the kind of thrill I would like to get from blogging. Sometimes I don't feel that I have anything to say, but if I start, I often do. . . June in Alanson, MI