Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This picture is about 75 years old

Yesterday my husband's dear cousin, who is the baby in this picture, came down for a visit and some of my husband's excellent blueberry pie. She and her husband hauled with them one large tote box and several small ones filled with family history. It's a treasure trove!
I have seen a photo that was taken on the same day, but I had never seen this one. I booted up my laptop, hitched up the scanner and scanned all afternoon, as they reminisced and identified things for me. I got TONS of great stuff including a pioneer memoir by the sister of my husband's grandmother. I'll be posting many of the photos on Flickr and here over the next month or so, with complete names so other descendents can find them if they do a google search. This is just the beginning!

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  1. Oh, I just love finding old family photos and memoirs. I'll be back to see all your neat family history.

    My thought for today: I'm glad I was born after photography was invented.