Saturday, October 10, 2009

Departing Autumn

In morning light, this picture was taken from the porch two days ago, the day after I got back from the haiku retreat at Asilomar. Three hours ago, we left for Bill's Farm Market to pick up five half bushels of #2 tomatoes and one half-bushel of peppers, plus four bags of onions, and bunches of oregano and basil for my daughter's canning. It was getting cold and I went back to the house for a coat I had not worn all year. Before we even reached the farm market, the weather had changed. A glacial wind raked the market hill. I put up the hood and tied its drawstring. I got the gloves out of the pocket and put them on.
I looked for my wool scarf, but I had taken it out of these pockets to go on the boat ride when Tanner was here.
A family was loading into Bill's wagon for a hay ride. They all had the hoods on their sweatshirts up and tied tight. They were laughing and we were all laughing at them, because it was a lovely day, I am sure, when they started out to go on a hayride. And now?? They did look young enough to survive. . .
As we drove home, red and yellow leaves were blown across the road in the fierce, gusting wind. When we got home, we lit the first hearthfire of the season. For several minutes, there were actual flakes of SNOW! falling, and blown by the fierce wind, making diagonals against the trees. Now it is quiet, but still very cold. The golden flames are beautiful in the firebox.

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