Monday, October 19, 2009

Driving to Fargo

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We made Fargo on the second day out! The drive was through miles and miles of autumn woods. The tops of the poplars and the tamaracks were outstanding, as were the revealed twiggy structures. I was playing with the black and white function on my newest camera and reading the manual--I am still having trouble finding the functions. This doesn't show the color, but does show the complicated and yet repeated-verticals structures that I was admiring.
We are in the Kelly Inn, which is one of my favorite motels, since I could walk over to a Barnes and Noble! I got a book by Jamaica Kincaid about her trip to Nepal. And I'm going to get in bed right now and start reading. I'm sorry, Jamaica, that your book was remaindered as part of the wierd world of publishing today. But happy that I found it there. . . I also got a blank book made with handmade lokta paper, as part of the weird world of the global marketplace. Had tp pay the regular price with only my B & N discount.

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  1. just a blog i thought would interest you. a few entries ago she wrote a poem, which made me think of you. :)