Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome, little girl goat!

Here she is in the back of Tanner's truck, getting ready to be introduced to her new companions in my daughter's barn. She's 1/4 Nubian, which gives her that pretty coloring, and the other 3/4 Alpine, which is also a good milk goat. Isn't it the kind that Heidi had? It looks like the ones in the book.
This is Picasa's last chance to upload a picture. Miserable failures in two previous posts. I like the bigger size, even though the Flickr clickthrough is very nice. If Flickr uploads a picture, it is too small. (See previous post.)
Yesterday, I read through the whole blog of Tei Matsushita Scott, each of whose paintings are inspired by a feeling in a poem. Her blog is very much the blog I wanted to have written; I keep tending toward the mundane.
We leave in exactly one week. . . Sigh.
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