Friday, March 05, 2010

Memory Thread: Olga with her car

Olga with her car
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This is my mom washing the AMX car she bought herself. Guys were always offering to buy it from her when she took it into a gas station. She drove it all over Arizona, California and other points west the year she was 70 years old. She visited all the places she had lived, her freiends, teachers and mentors from University days, and family members, including all her seven children. She made a point of picking up hitchhikers and getting their life stories. She took many back roads and stopped at curio shops, odd attractions, and roadside attractions, whenever she noticed one. People there told her their life stories, too.
I don't know where this picture was taken or who took it, but I found it in her archives after her death at age 96 3/4. And tonight, I found it again, when I opened the wrong folder by mistake.