Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Moving into Fourth Position

In two more days, it will be just one year since I caught this. Grandchild time flies especially fast. Last night on Flickr I saw a wedding photo from Bulgaria in 1880. Then, a photo was a special occassion deal. So this type of expressive moment wasn't captured. And, without digital photography, I wouldn't have captured it, either. With film, I was always conscious of the developing costs and the limit of the roll of film I had in my camera, and of the maybe one other roll I brought along. So the digital camera that my co-workers gave me when I retired at the end of the last century was the beginning of a thrilling journey.
The only problem is that SO MANY pictures, and such easy ways to crop and sharpen them, means that I am piling up the megabites and gigabites and--who knows--terabytes and beyond (how do you spell that stuff, anyway)? And I clog my hard drive with great amounts of it, until the laptop almost cannot run. And then, every night, I open Picasa and browse my archives, looking for an excuse not to go to bed. . .
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