Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Couldn't this wait until next year?


Happily back on the real information highway! One of Olga's great-grandaughters wants to see a picture she has heard about from her parents who remember seeing it in my mother's home. So I've been wandering through the Flickrchives in search and found this instead. As with the one of Marjory, it is taken in front of the mantel of the house in Shaker Heights. Mom looks pretty good, but this was a time of real struggle for her with a breakdown and midlife crisis in the recent past.

I think the lighting here is from the clip-on flood that we used for indoor movies and slides in this era. It is aimed a little too high. I think we don't know how lucky we are to get automatically well-exposed photos in almost any indoor and outdoor light situation.

I am hoping you all had a splendid holiday time; we are all supposed to, you know. . .But watch out for these suppositions, they could kill ya. Here's what I was doing, with four grandkids just the right ages for the season. And football in the background.

Settling in here after a year away is quite the deal. What is in the freezer? Where are the AAA batteries? Did S leave his reading glasses by the computer in Idaho? Right now, I am sitting on my heated throw (furnace fixer comes back tomorrow with the new Motherboard) which has turned out to be a HUGE success with the dachshunds. They were BORN for this! Such complete repose on a warm surface.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to poetry. Right now tomorrow seems very far away. I did make a watercolor postcard for my 15-day art challenge. And started writing in my new Lama Li notebook with the beautiful handmade paper. And put away about seven million items. And now I am whinging to my friends.

first day of the year
when the furnace is broken
dachshunds cuddle

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