Saturday, January 11, 2014

In which I attend a haiku meeting and take pictures only in my head

It has probably been more than a year since I got to attend a meeting of my beloved haiku group in the Edwin Markham ("The Man With a Hoe") House at San Jose's History Park. Each one of us read from a beloved book by an American or Californian author. Roger began the meeting by reading a GREAT story from Saroyan's The Human Comedy. All the time he was reading I noticed that the light coming in through the window illuminated his head in a good way. I wanted to take a picture of him reading with the open book in his hand, but didn't summon up the moxie to call attention away from the reading. This will always be one of those photos that only I can see. As a sort of consolation prize to my self, I took a lot of pictures of the Empire Fire House., just down the block at the history park. By the time I got under the wires for the old-fashioned trolley, I was too close to fit it into the frame. So I took a lot of shots standing in one place. When I got home, I used the app Autostich to combine them. This is the wildly funny result. I think it has something to do with parallax, or something. But it, too, is not the picture I wanted. I wish I had a picture of all of us; there were so many people at the meeting that we had to bring chairs from the other room.

Near the end of the meeting I invited everyone to start reading my blog, and this silliness is now what I am offering. I can only hope that you will read the posts earlier this week for the good poems therein.
Here is one of my haiku from the meeting:

frost damage
near the trunk, still
some good lemons

And so goodnight!

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