Friday, April 25, 2014

Raindrops and a Lullaby

Today it rained, off and on, for much of the day. When I saw these raindrops through the window I was out there in a flash! I am beginning to think that pink is my favorite color, as these few buds unfold. I counted today and there are still three buds left. 

Two of us went for lunch with an old friend today. She was fun to be with! 

For tonight's poem, the last one in the book of 
Mary Ruefle's Selected Poems, Wave Press, 2010, page 142. 


My inability to express myself
is astounding. It is not curious or
even faintly interesting, but like
some fathomless sum, a number,
a number the sum of equally fathomless
numbers, each one the sole representative
of an ever-ripening infinity
that will never reach the weight
required by the sun to fall.
There is nothing on the ground
to pick up and examine.
It is too far back among the leaves
to reach. And here I am walking 
idly, passing it from below,
with only a faint breeze to remind me
there is anything there,
the merest rustle of which
quiets me down to the point
I am able to sleep at all.

And now it really is time for bed!!!

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