Wednesday, April 02, 2014

To catch the light

Walking through the parks and woodlands of this life, I find many places where the plants have arranged themselves as beautifully as any garden. This is at the foot of the Hymas Woods, now a Nature Preserve in Northern Michigan. I love the way the light filters through the trees and how the beautiful young green plants have arranged themselves on the forest floor, spreading their leaves to catch the light.

Here is Ted Kooser, from Winter Morning Walks, that I have talked about before. Page 118.

March 16

Snow melting from the roof

Spring, the sky rippled with geese,
but the green comes on slowly,
timed to the ticking of downspouts.
The pond, still numb from months
of ice, reflects just one enthusiast
this morning, a budding maple
whose every twig is strung with beads
of carved cinnabar, bittersweet red.

**Ted Kooser**

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