Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hold on while I find my camera!

Although he does have a couple of spikes (see them on his shadow?) this buck is still very small, as most of the deer here seem to be. I couldn't find the camera, so caught him with the iPad. He is the first deer I've seen this year and was already moving away as if he sensed me there, behind the window. Then far out in the bracken, I saw two little big-eared heads looking at me. So it was a three-deer morning.

Because the only customer I've had for the sunflower seeds has been a goldfinch, who keeps pushing them off the feeder in search of something more delectable, I got thistle seed today, and a new thistle-seed feeder--one of those with the insanely-fake yellow flowers made of plastic. But this afternoon, the goldfinch still was pushing sunflower seeds from the other feeder. In the woods, happily, there is always tomorrow, at least for two or three more months.

I have found more lovely poems today. It is nice to find some books with so many excellent things to choose from. For tonight, though, this short one from the Milosz book. It has been a somewhat tiring day.


The grass between the tombs is intensely green.
From steep slopes a view onto the bay,
Onto islands and cities below. The sunset
Grows garish, slowly fades. At dusk
Light prancing creatures. A doe and a fawn
Are here, as every evening, to eat flowers
Which people brought for their beloved dead.

Czeslaw Milosz, from 
New and Collected Poems (1931-2001) Ecco, 2001, page 526.

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