Monday, July 07, 2014

Words the color of wind . . .

Michigan summer cloudscape, 2013.

---Even a chip of beauty
is beauty intractable to the mind,
Words the color of wind
Moving across the fields there
wind-addled and wind-sprung,
Abstracted as water glints,
the fields lion-colored and rope-colored,
as in a picture of Paradise,
the bodies languishing over the sky
Trailing their dark identities
That drift off and sieve away to the nothingness
Behind them
moving across the fields there
As words move, slowly, trailing their dark

***Charles Wright

More from our Poet Laureate's 
Zone Journals, Kindle location 320

I want you to notice especially tonight, the wonderful use of hyphenated word-compounds.
I'm still planning to start a daily 1/2 hour write on August First. Wish me luck!

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