Saturday, July 19, 2014


Driving through Montana, I took pictures through the car window today. As always, I planned to travel for weeks and stop every few miles to take pictures of the beautiful American expanses.

I will come back

Sometime, man or woman, traveler,
afterwards, when I am not alive,
look here, look for me here
between the stones and the ocean,
in the light storming
in the foam.
Look here, look for me here,
for here is where I shall come, saying nothing,
no voice, no mouth, pure,
here I shall be again the movement
of the water, of
its wild heart
here I shall be both lost and found
here I shall be perhaps both stone and silence.

from Pablo Neruda; selected poems,a bilingual edition, edited by Nathaniel Tarn, HM, 1990, page 417, translated by Alistair Reid.

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